Both Cow Milk and Buffalo Milk have been procured from the farmers. At present, the raw milk is collected from the neighbouring districts through 80 Milk collection POINTS. We DELIVER HEALTHY PRODUCTS THROUGH THE UNITY OF OUR COLLECTION CENTRES.

The organization achieved its successful target by pursued the procurement Policy “Assuring the Quantity as per the weighing principle and ensure the Quality by well equipped laboratory”. Procured milk is weighed through computerized Data Processing Unit and the details are stored in the system. Payments are made by weekly basis through the computerized billing system.



Chilling of milk is intended to cool the raw milk to sufficiently low temperature so as to curb the growth of microorganisms present in milk. In chilling process, the temperature of milk should be reduced to less than 10°C preferably 3-4°C. If the growth of microorganisms is not checked then their growth will continue and several bio chemical changes will take place in milk.

Due to these changes the quality of milk is adversely affected in a large measure that leads to turn the consumption of milk unfit. Chilled milk can easily be transported without having appreciable change due to the growth of microorganisms.


SMD Milk has always been strived to deliver high quality products through various tests & analysis in the laboratory.

Our Laboratory has a well equipped facility to cover the basic test systems for quality control of raw materials, finished products & the validation of the production process. We adhere to FSSAI rules & regulations,bIS standards for good hygienic packaging, GMPs, GLPs, GHPs etc.,



Pasteurization involves essentially three steps:

  • Heating – to a required temperature
  • Holding – to a required time
  • Cooling – to a sufficiently low temperature

Pasteurization is done to make milk safe for human consumption and to increase the quality of milk.


Homogenization is the process designed to reduce the size of fat globule and making a permanent emulsion of milk fat, serum by the use of machine named as homogenizer. Homogenized milk in strict sense is the milk having homogenous character made possible by mechanical means.


SMD Curd is esteemed for its smoothness and its pleasant and refreshing taste. Curd is prepared from Toned Milk. We bring two types of Curd Production, Pouch Curd & Cup Curd. For both the production, we follow the industry standard process and packaging method.The Pouch curd contains 3% FAT & 9.0% SNF. Cup Curd contains 3.0% FAT and 10.0% SNF (Toned Milk).

Pouch curd is packed in various volumes like 160gm100gm, and 200gm, and 1KGkg pouches. And the Cup Curd is packed in 60gm, 100gm & 125gm Cups,.


The Pasteurized Milk is packaged by high speed Automatic Filling Machines in various volumes like 1 Litre, 500 ml, 250 ml, 200 ml & 100 ml.

The packaging material shall be made from virgin polyethylene film (LDPE - Low Density Polyethylene, LLDPE-Linear Low Density Polyethylene or a blend thereof) meeting the food grade requirements given in IS 10145 & IS 10141.

To conserve the temperature of the Products, the packaged pouches are stored in Cold Storage at Dairy.

During transportation to the distribution/dealer’s point, the required temperature is maintained in the Products through the use of PUFFED/INSULATED REFRIGERATION CONTAINERs.

At the distribution/dealer’s point, DFreezers/Coolers are provided to store the milk and there by the required temperature is maintained.


The Quality policy of the firm is “Process and Supply of Hygienic & Superior quality of Milk & Milk Products to the society at the specified time”. The main activity of the sales team is “Providing a respectable & excellent service to the consumers”.

To build a beneficial relationship with our customers/consumers, Sivasakthi Milk Dairy formed a customer service team. The main roll of the team is monitoring the Customer compliances and suggestions that are received through phone calls, Mails, Emails and Compliant Registers that are maintained in Distributor/Dealers outlets.